“A Raisin in the Sun” (CRR)


  In Lorraine Hansberry’s, A Raisin in the Sun, the Younger family faced a lot of difficulties, and went through many struggles. They lived in poverty, and had to face racism, but that never stopped the Younger family from dreaming big. However, problems started occurring when Walter’s dreams started causing disputes in the family. He dreamed of owning a liquor store so he could invest in it and buy a house to get out of living in poverty. Walter was blinded by this dream, and that’s what Hanberry was trying to prove through out the story.

Dreams can blind someone, just like they did to Walter. He wanted to move into a house so bad, and when he finally did move into one , he wasn’t satisfied because things did go like his plans went in his dream. Hansberry wants to show that even though you might not get everything that you want in life, you have to learn to appreciate what you do have. In Walters occasion, he learned to appreciate his family, and took pride in his new house being completely aware that his family had just moved into a white neighborhood.

Can there be a new face to Real Madrid? (SSR)


Ever since the Soccer phenomenon, Cristiano Ronaldo, joined Real Madrid in a transfer worth about $130 Million from Manchester United in 2009, he has pretty much been the “face” of Real Madrid. But recently, with Real Madrid signing the extremely talented, Gareth Bale, for an astonishing, $132 Million, he has brought a lot of attention to the people because it broke the world record transfer fee. This leads me to question, Can there be a new face to Real Madrid?

Recently, during a training session at Real Madrid’s Stadium,  Santiago Bernabéu, Gareth Bale was recorded nutmegging Cristiano Ronaldo. In soccer, when you get nutmegged, or tunneled, it is an embarrassment because it is like a sign that you have no skill.  This really caught my attention, and probably the whole teams attention too. As you can see in the video, the people around were trying not to laugh. Passing the ball through a players legs is not as easy as it seems, especially not through Ronaldo’s.

Regardless of this small incident, they are both extremely talented soccer stars. In Gareth Bales last team, the Tottenham Hotspurs, he scored 42 goals in a period of about 5 and a half years which is pretty good for a 24 year-old. I’m anxious to see how he will perform in his new team this season. It will be an unforgettable season for Bale as much for Ronaldo too because they will both be scoring and racking up assists for the team. 

Honestly, I think it’s too early in the season to say whether or not he could possible become the “face” of Real Madrid. I think that he still needs a bit more of experience. And If anything, most Real Madrid fans see both Bale, and Ronaldo as the head stars of the team. I don’t think Ronaldo’s image will be deleted from the scene anytime soon.