Home is the place where you come to after a long busy day. It is the place where ones childhood memories are built and remembered forever. Home is the place where you are welcomed to no matter your differences. Most importantly, wherever there is family, you are at home.

After a long and busy day at school, I would always smell the aroma of hot steaming vegetables from a block away that my Grandmother would always have waiting for me on the table when I would get home. I would devour those vegetables thinking that if I ate the little green trees, I would become tall and strong. Thinking that if I ate the small little orange swords, I would be able to run fast. “We have a Champion!” My uncle would scream after I finished my bowl of vegetables.

The best part of the day would be after I finished dinner and went outside to play. Growing up, I was an only child, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. I would have friends over my house until the sun went to bed and the moon would come out to play with us. Everyday of growing up added a page to my journal of childhood memories that will remain scripted in my brain for as long as I live. And in every single page of that journal, it has Home written all over it.

Visiting Mexico for the first time was like going into the wilderness, I didn’t know what to expect from it. Everything about Mexico was so foreign, yet I’ve never felt so comfortable to be in such a place. It felt just like I was at home. The first night staying at my uncles house felt as if I had already slept there before. After all, a house is not a home without family that is always waiting for your arrival.

They say home is where you are born and raised. And for many years you are taught that. Although it is not wrong, it is for many first and second  generations of immigrant descendants. Just because you were born in a different country than your parents, doesn’t mean that it takes away any rights to call their country your home. Home is not only the place where you were born, but also the place where your past generations are from.