Determination is what helps you achieve your life goals

It is what keeps you motivated after a long day of work

it cannot be touched

but it could be seen

in a student who stays after the bell to finish his work

in an athletes face dripping with sweat

in an kid who always gets picked last to every sport but never fails to show up first

Determination sounds like a crowd booing you

like someone telling you that “you’re not good enough”

Determination is found in the saying “one more”

one more rep

one more shot

one more lap

Determination is what helps you achieve your life goals


Nonfiction Book Club




(Kevin A.)  The initial picture is just the string of marbles are all black. However there is one that is blue, that one is the outlier. This picture was chosen because the one outlier, or blue marble, is amongst many others like themselves. Although it is what they do that makes them different, an outlier. The burst of light around the blue marble is just there for pure emphasis. As an outlier would deserve. Being the best at what they do is the defining trait in an outlier. Although it’s not always talent that gets you to be recognized as an outlier. Chance and opportunity is an extremely important factor in the success of an outlier to be. The stars in the bursts of light represent this. The old saying, “Stars Align,” describes this perfectly. For example, it was destiny that the university that Bill Gates went to have a computer lab open 24-7 to the students, (This was extremely rare at the time that Bill Gates attended). Along with the opportunities provided a massive amount of experience is required to be an outlier. The clock around the blue marble represents how time revolves around them. The 10,000 hour rule is directly represented by the clock. Bill Gates sometimes didn’t sleep to be programming on the computers every night. For several years he logged well over 10,000 hours, which is an expected amount of practice to achieve mastery at something, the 10,000 hour rule commonly applies to many outliers’ stories.

(Cesar C.) In Outliers, the author, Malcolm Gladwell demonstrates why some people are able to achieve success, while others are not. He takes you on an astounding journey through the minds of geniuses, CEO’s, children and will leave you in awe. As you progress through the book,  Gladwell thoroughly explains what exactly differentiates outliers from the rest of the world and how they’ve managed to achieve success.

(Enrique R.) :

1) Pinnacle (n.): the highest or culminating point, as of success

Syn : Climax              

Sent : This is the pinnacle of his career and he won’t  win another major.



2) Invigorate (v.): give strength or energy to

Syn : energize

Sent : The aim is to invigorate the health-insurance market by drawing more people  into it.



3) Arbitrary (adj.): subject to individual will or judgment with out restriction

Syn : opinion

Sent : The result is that these teachings are completely arbitrary.



4) Cosmopolitan (adj.): free from local, provincial or natural ideas, prejudices, or attachments

Syn : Universal, world-wide

Sent : It relied heavily on credit and foreign investments in its drive to turn itself into a cosmopolitan center.




5) Desultory (adj.): lacking in consistency

Syn : Unstable

Sent : It helps that he is by nature a desultory, recessive fellow. 




6) Patronage (n): Financial support or business provided to a store

Syn : services

Sent : These are places and businesses worthy of your patronage.




7) Algorithm (n.) a set of rules for solving a problem in a certain amount of steps

Syn : Formula

Sent : The company uses an algorithm to figure out how long it will take for any order.



8) Laureates (n.) person who has been honored for achieving distinction in a particular field

Syn : Winner

Sent : Moreover, the two laureates themselves are hardly unblemished heroes of the scientific community



9) Cultivate (v.) to prepare and work on land

Syn : Farm

Sent : They have no house to inhabit, no land to cultivate, nor any domestic charge or care



10) Equivocal (adj.) allowing the possibility of several different meanings

Syn :uncertain

Sent : The evidence presented was at its best equivocal.




(Enrique R.) : Analysis

In this book we learn what it means to be an Outlier and how they came to their success. The author gives us many explanations on how and why with a lot of evidence to support his writing. Examples of how someone can become an outlier is when and where they were born, their I.Q., family background or also just by being lucky and taking a chance at something.
We learn that even if you have one of the highest I.Q.’s in the world doesn’t make you an outlier and that you can still succeed with a normal I.Q. After the First World War a man named Lewis Terman starting searching for the smartest and most brightest kids In California so he could follow them during the time they grew up to see if they could succeed since they had the potential of it. After the group of “Termites”, grew up an unexpected result came about. “Nor were there any Nobel Prize winners in his exhaustively selected group of geniuses,”( 90). Out of all the students that passed the hardest test he could give them, none of them went on to win a Nobel Prize which is quite surprising considering they were so intelligent but what really throw you off is this. “His fieldworkers actually tested two elementary students who went on to be Nobel Laureates- William Shockley and Luis Alvarez- and rejected them both. Their IQs weren’t high enough,”(90). As you can see just because you don’t have a high IQ doesn’t mean you can’t live your life and accomplish great things like winning a Nobel prize.
To become an Outlier might just rely on where you are born. If you are born at the right time and place you could become just like Bill Gates. coming out of Highschool the computer industry boomed and he was ready with the hours, experience, and  knowledge.  In chapter five we talk about a man Jewish man named Joe Flom and how he became an outlier. In this chapter it says that Joe was a very smart man and did everything he needed to do to get where he wanted to be, a lawyer in a law firm. after finishing his schooling he went to Wall Street to get a job and he was well suited for any but the law firms would take him because of what he looked like and where he was from. Then he had to find another job specializing in “proxy fights”, so during the 1950s and 60s these were needed so his experience came in handy and the same people who wouldn’t give him a job are now asking for his help. What the author is saying is that sometimes to become an outlier it relies on when you were growing up and Joe happened to have the right job at the right time just because he was born around a certain time just like Bill Gates.
    At times our lives rely on complete chance, and chance can play out good or bad. It’s the chances we take that can determine an outcome to the rest of our lives. What if the cure to cancer is trapped inside a mind of a kid that can’t afford an education? What if we gave him or her that chance to learn and find it, they could change the world but only if we gave them that chance. At the end of the book the author talks about a public elementary school that is doing things differently, they are keeping the kids longer school days for more time to learn and extending the school years and having a class on the weekends so that kids can get the chance to succeed. “ She doesn’t need a laptop, a smaller class, a teacher with a PhD, or a bigger apartment. She doesn’t need a higher IQ or a mind as quick as Chris Langan’s. All those things would be nice, of course. But they miss the point. Marita just needed a chance,”(269). As soon as she got the chance to goto a good school where 80% of students go onto private high schools and Top nation Colleges her whole life has changed and she was given the chance to be an outlier.
    There could be even more possibilities on how to become an outlier and there is, someone will find a different way tomorrow and someone else a week later. Through this book we can learn on how to better ourselves by learning what it means to be an outlier and how they can change the world and help us all through their actions just because they were born during a certain time or grew up in the right place or simply because they got the chance too.


(Cesar C.) Outliers is one of those books that will leave you startled every chapter by the amount of information that it has. I constantly found myself interacting with the book. For example, Gladwell includes a set of problems from a Raven’s test, an easy one, and an extremely difficult one. Then he encourages you to try and solve them. However, after I read a certain amount of chapters, I nearly predicted what the plot for the incoming chapter was going to be about which kind of took away the suspenseful part in the book. All in all, I would recommend this book if you’re in for a mind-boggling experience that will leave you thinking days after and will change your point of view on how you look at people.





Home is the place where you come to after a long busy day. It is the place where ones childhood memories are built and remembered forever. Home is the place where you are welcomed to no matter your differences. Most importantly, wherever there is family, you are at home.

After a long and busy day at school, I would always smell the aroma of hot steaming vegetables from a block away that my Grandmother would always have waiting for me on the table when I would get home. I would devour those vegetables thinking that if I ate the little green trees, I would become tall and strong. Thinking that if I ate the small little orange swords, I would be able to run fast. “We have a Champion!” My uncle would scream after I finished my bowl of vegetables.

The best part of the day would be after I finished dinner and went outside to play. Growing up, I was an only child, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. I would have friends over my house until the sun went to bed and the moon would come out to play with us. Everyday of growing up added a page to my journal of childhood memories that will remain scripted in my brain for as long as I live. And in every single page of that journal, it has Home written all over it.

Visiting Mexico for the first time was like going into the wilderness, I didn’t know what to expect from it. Everything about Mexico was so foreign, yet I’ve never felt so comfortable to be in such a place. It felt just like I was at home. The first night staying at my uncles house felt as if I had already slept there before. After all, a house is not a home without family that is always waiting for your arrival.

They say home is where you are born and raised. And for many years you are taught that. Although it is not wrong, it is for many first and second  generations of immigrant descendants. Just because you were born in a different country than your parents, doesn’t mean that it takes away any rights to call their country your home. Home is not only the place where you were born, but also the place where your past generations are from.

“A Raisin in the Sun” (CRR)


  In Lorraine Hansberry’s, A Raisin in the Sun, the Younger family faced a lot of difficulties, and went through many struggles. They lived in poverty, and had to face racism, but that never stopped the Younger family from dreaming big. However, problems started occurring when Walter’s dreams started causing disputes in the family. He dreamed of owning a liquor store so he could invest in it and buy a house to get out of living in poverty. Walter was blinded by this dream, and that’s what Hanberry was trying to prove through out the story.

Dreams can blind someone, just like they did to Walter. He wanted to move into a house so bad, and when he finally did move into one , he wasn’t satisfied because things did go like his plans went in his dream. Hansberry wants to show that even though you might not get everything that you want in life, you have to learn to appreciate what you do have. In Walters occasion, he learned to appreciate his family, and took pride in his new house being completely aware that his family had just moved into a white neighborhood.

Can there be a new face to Real Madrid? (SSR)


Ever since the Soccer phenomenon, Cristiano Ronaldo, joined Real Madrid in a transfer worth about $130 Million from Manchester United in 2009, he has pretty much been the “face” of Real Madrid. But recently, with Real Madrid signing the extremely talented, Gareth Bale, for an astonishing, $132 Million, he has brought a lot of attention to the people because it broke the world record transfer fee. This leads me to question, Can there be a new face to Real Madrid?

Recently, during a training session at Real Madrid’s Stadium,  Santiago Bernabéu, Gareth Bale was recorded nutmegging Cristiano Ronaldo. In soccer, when you get nutmegged, or tunneled, it is an embarrassment because it is like a sign that you have no skill.  This really caught my attention, and probably the whole teams attention too. As you can see in the video, the people around were trying not to laugh. Passing the ball through a players legs is not as easy as it seems, especially not through Ronaldo’s.

Regardless of this small incident, they are both extremely talented soccer stars. In Gareth Bales last team, the Tottenham Hotspurs, he scored 42 goals in a period of about 5 and a half years which is pretty good for a 24 year-old. I’m anxious to see how he will perform in his new team this season. It will be an unforgettable season for Bale as much for Ronaldo too because they will both be scoring and racking up assists for the team. 

Honestly, I think it’s too early in the season to say whether or not he could possible become the “face” of Real Madrid. I think that he still needs a bit more of experience. And If anything, most Real Madrid fans see both Bale, and Ronaldo as the head stars of the team. I don’t think Ronaldo’s image will be deleted from the scene anytime soon.





 When I was eight-years old, I fell in love with the Sport of soccer, or as I prefer to call it, “Fútbol”. Something about it really intrigued me. To me, It seemed like a puzzle that not just one person had to figure out, but the whole team in order to be successful. Of course, it wasn’t the excessive running, but the passion and feelings that I felt toward playing such a beautiful sport. My mind and creativity runs one-million miles per hour as soon as the ball touches my feet.

As I grew older, I started to realize that Soccer wasn’t just like any ordinary sport. It made me become a leader not only on the field, but off of it too. And for that reason, I find Fútbol to be so amazing. It has made me realize that if you don’t put hard work and dedication into something, you won’t be able to accomplish anything in life.

For that reason, every time I step onto a field, I leave with my heart still stuck on the field. It has made me become the person I  that I am today. All the hard work, sweat, and love that I have put into the sport will payoff one day.


This year in my English class I hope to improve on my writing style. I want to learn how to add more suspense and emotion to my stories.